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Riverside, CA

The Flying Cruisers is atmospheric, melodic, and hypnotic as they create music that quickly spreads positive vibes and gives everyone listening to them a good time. The band has been working together for four years and has experienced growing pains many new artists face and is the reason behind their passion for creating a community of artists and musicians they have met.

Image by Maria Diva Roswita



The Band

The Flying Cruisers is a soft rock band fronted by female vocalist Ana Kreimeyer with Justin Waterman as the lead guitarist, Morgan Waterman on the drums, and Carlos Garcia as the bass guitarist. Rather than go for the usual de-emphasized soft rock beat and upbeat sound we all know and love, they use Ana's clean melodic vocals on top of the band's fury to play covers and create soft rock music that's instantly memorable.


“Known for energetic performances they have solidified their reputation as a top-notch live band."

“you all sound like you've been together for eight to ten years"


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